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  • Oh, the Places You'll Go! | Family Shoot | Magic Island, Oahu

    Oh he-ey.

    That's what I imagine Baby Ced is saying while he winks at me. Oh he-ey. And while he waves, and peeks, and throws his hands in the air. And especially while he walks. Seriously, have you ever seen such 9-month-old SWAGGER? I have not. I challenge anyone to a 9-month-old swagger-off with this here adorable child.

    Baby Ced's parents brought balloons to take a few shots for his first birthday party invitation. The part I LOVE was that it wasn't just any balloon photo, it was for an Oh, the Places You'll Go! theme. Love love love. An amazing Dr. Seuss read for all ages.

    Baby Ced's mom and dad could easily be models, so it's no wonder they made a ridiculously cute little man. Cheers to all the places you'll go, Ced!