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  • Oh, the Places You'll Go! | Family Shoot | Magic Island, Oahu

    Oh he-ey.

    That's what I imagine Baby Ced is saying while he winks at me. Oh he-ey. And while he waves, and peeks, and throws his hands in the air. And especially while he walks. Seriously, have you ever seen such 9-month-old SWAGGER? I have not. I challenge anyone to a 9-month-old swagger-off with this here adorable child.

    Baby Ced's parents brought balloons to take a few shots for his first birthday party invitation. The part I LOVE was that it wasn't just any balloon photo, it was for an Oh, the Places You'll Go! theme. Love love love. An amazing Dr. Seuss read for all ages.

    Baby Ced's mom and dad could easily be models, so it's no wonder they made a ridiculously cute little man. Cheers to all the places you'll go, Ced!


  • Baby Baby Grand Piano & Shave Ice Smashing | First Birthday Shoot

    Who brings a baby baby grand piano to the beach? This girl! *points up*

    Thalia wanted to do a shoot commemorating her daughter Phoebe's first birthday and incorporating the same baby grand piano she played with as a child. She later showed me a photo of herself playing the piano, only a few months older than Phoebe. I melted. I love when parents bring props, especially sentimental ones.

    Thalia asked if I had any other ideas for the shoot, and I told her that I'd recently done a cake smashing and thought it would be fun to do a spin on that - shave ice smashing! Phoebe had yet to try her first bite of shave ice and Thalia thought it was a cute idea. was both and fun and super cute, but ultimately not my best idea. More on that later. Take a look and see why I heart first birthday shoots.

    Cutest frowny face!

    So, as you are probably aware, shave ice is cold. And the average person eats it with a spoon. Not just because it would be messy otherwise, but because it would be cold. You see where I'm going...

    Phoebe did indeed like the shave ice - she liked the sweetness - but she didn't like that it was so cold. She wanted more of the deliciousness so she kept grabbing the ice, eating it, then looking at her hand and crying. Annnd repeat. It was cute and funny the first couple times and then we just felt bad. So, lesson learned, shave ice smashing for a baby's first birthday is not the best idea. Unless you have a dextrously-advanced child capable of using utensils...or gloves.

    Phoebe is pretty darn smart because at some point she was like, screw frozen hands, I don't need my hands.

    And this is one of many reasons why I heart first birthday shoots. :)

    For more photos from this shoot: First birthday piano & shave ice photo gallery

  • Malo Monday | Family Shoot | Papahana Kuaola & Paepae o He'eia

    Happy Malo Monday!

    I decided to do everyone a favor and start the week with these photos. If you aren't smiling by the end you may need professional help. ;) This shoot was a combination of beautiful locations, amazing sentimental props, and the cutest subjects ever.

    Noelle and Pono wanted to do a family shoot with a focus on their younger son who was about to celebrate his first birthday. We started at Papahana Kuaola, an incredible site and home to a non-profit that focuses on education, environmental restoration, and Hawaiian culture. Noelle brought these gorgeous koa chairs that her uncle made by hand for her and her sister when they were children. The chairs were beautiful and the sentiment behind them even more so. They added another dimension to the photos.

    We walked down to the stream where my favorite part of the whole shoot happened...malos!

    See? Cutest. Ever.

    We drove to Paepae o He'eia, a non-profit dedicated to restoring the ancient Hawaiian He'eia fishpond and perpetuating cultural sustainability. Noelle is the education coordinator there and the kids call it their second home. I couldn't have imagined better locations for this adorable, loving and playful family.

    Kahiwa likes to "build wall" and Keewe likes to "eat wall." :)

    Ok, serious faces, everyone. Except you, Keewe.

    See their Malo Monday gallery for more photos!