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  • Hawaii Destination Photograper | Sunrise Family Shoot

    Brittney found me online and asked to do a shoot while her family vacationed on Oahu from Nebraska. The only issue was that they were leaving in three days. I was free one day, but they had already purchased luau tickets for that evening, so we decided on a sunrise shoot. She said the kids would be fine due to the time difference and their 2-year-old Layne had been waking up by 5 am anyway.

    I am not a morning person and I always worry about lighting at sunrise because it gets REALLY BRIGHT really quickly, but I'm so glad we decided on sunrise at Sandy's...the beach was empty and the light was beautiful.

    All three kids were delightful - I wondered if Linden and Tucker were bribed with snorkeling or shave ice because I couldn't believe how happy and well-behaved they were at that unreasonable hour. They just wanted to smile and make my life was amazing! I learned that Blake is a farmer in Nebraska, which made me like them all the more. I have a soft spot for farming families.

    Layne decided she'd had enough of the waves and made a break for it. :)

  • Ka Iwi Coast Engagement Shoot | Honolulu, Hawaii

    Marisa and Kevin are just too cute. I had so much fun getting to know them, following them around with my camera, and telling them to do ridiculous things like climb large boulders in a dress and look directly at the sun. (The latter was a miscommunication.)

    Marisa and Kevin were two years apart at the same high school but didn’t officially meet until college. While Marisa changed outfits Kevin told me that although they were friends for years before dating, he always thought of her as more. They recently moved home from California after taking a month off to travel around the west kind of people!

    L-4-Love is coordinating their wedding next spring at the gorgeous Halekulani in Waikiki. I can tell through their interaction and the way they look at each other that they are madly in love and I know it's going to be a beautiful celebration.

    As they walked to the other side of the cove, Kevin suddenly dropped to the ground and started doing push-ups! I think he was warming up for the shoot. Marisa decided to help.

    Apparently the push-ups worked because the next thing I knew, he was racing up the rocks. Too funny.

    They were a significant distance away and I told Kevin to take his phone in case we needed to communicate. Charades worked for certain directions, but I decided to send a text when they were sitting and Kevin was in the sun but Marisa's face was shaded. My text read: "Both your faces in the sun" They read it, looked a little puzzled, and then all of a sudden they were squinting looking directly into the sun. I yelled, "Nooo!" thinking oh no, they're going to blind themselves for this bad photo. I texted again: "Haha sorry I didn't mean look into the sun, just be aware if your face is shaded :)" At least we all laughed. Sorry, you two. I was trying to be brief, but those were terrible directions.

    We relocated to Sandy's and instead of eyeing the ocean or scenic coastline, the first thing they saw was a sand pit. And of course they hopped in. Marisa and Kevin, if you two can have that much fun in a sand pit, I have no doubt that you will keep each other entertained for life. :)