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  • Kikaha by Island Air | My First Cover

    I started writing this weeks ago and got too busy to finish here's a quick post featuring the fabulousness that is the Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 issue of Kikaha by Island Air. I may be biased regarding its awesomeness because it's my first cover! Last year marked the first time I was ON a cover (HAWAII Magazine's Outdoors Issue - truly hilarious as I am clearly no model) but this time I SHOT it! And even better, the model/subject/author is my dear friend and writer/chef extraordinaire Jennifer Hee aka Lady Awesome.

    I'm excited because the magazine looks great, the paper feels rich and hearty, and the articles are thoughtful and well-written. You'd expect nothing less from Nella Media Group, the people who bring you publications such as FLUX, Foundry, Room + Service, and more. You have to fly Island Air to pick up a copy of the magazine, so go book your tickets now!

    You can read Jenn's full article here: The Infinite Yield of Foraging - unfortunately, not all of the photos are shown. I disabled comments on my blog but feel free to profess your love for her raw and beautiful writing on my facebook page. :) Seriously, she's my favorite writer. (I did a quick mental scan through my immediate family to make sure that comment wouldn't offend anyone.)

    I'm posting more photos from the shoot that didn't make the cut. SADLY, the baby goat triplets didn't make it either. I know these look very similar to my previous foraging and baby goats photos, but I swear they are all different!

    I was fortunate to contribute photos to two articles in this publication - the second is Jon Letman's Making a Mark featuring Patrick Dougherty's incredible stickwork sculpture at McBryde Botanical Garden on Kaua'i. The talented John Hook took the "making of" photos and I shot the finished sculpture. I'll share more on that story later because it is worthy of its own post.

    I hope you enjoy the article and photos. Many thanks to Jenn, Anna, and the NMG team for this opportunity!

  • Kikaha Magazine: Urban Foraging + Baby Goats

    About a month ago my friend, Jennifer Hee, asked me to take photos for a story on urban foraging that she was writing for Kikaha Magazine.

    I was excited to collaborate because saying I heart Hee is a huge understatement. And because I knew it would be a fun adventure. On our previous foraging excursion Jenn sank knee-deep into maggot-filled muck while reaching for pohole. Ten minutes later, after she washed off the maggots in the stream, I found a baby centipede wiggling on her back. I managed to escape the expedition unscathed, save for the 20+ mosquito bites I got through my pants. Fun times. But really, it was. 

    The plan was to go to the same spot for foraging photos, then to Pauoa Valley to take photos of the kids. And by kids I mean triplet baby goats! Swoon.

    I've been told I can post B-roll shots for now. These are more like C-roll, C for super freaking CUTE.

    Look out for Jenn's article in Kikaha Magazine's upcoming issue. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these adorable kids. I know it's a lot of goats, but scroll to the end. You won't be disappointed. :)