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  • Honolulu Museum of Art Engagement Shoot | Honolulu, Hawaii

    Last July, Jake tricked Chessa into thinking she was going on a sympathy hike to take his mind off of a bad toothache. They hiked up to the Makapuu lighthouse and wandered off on a side trail to have a romantic picnic dinner. As the sun set, Jake suggested that Chessa take a panoramic photo on her new phone. She started on her left and as she panned to the right she found him down on one knee reciting a speech she can’t recall because she was too excited. She couldn’t wait for him to stop talking so she could say YES!

    Jake claims he's camera shy but it didn’t take long for his goofy side to shine through. It was sweet watching Chessa relax Jake in front of the camera and fun watching Jake surprise Chessa for some authentic laughs. These two have wonderful chemistry - you can't go wrong with humor and sweet dance moves.

    Chessa grew up in Kona, and Jake in Kula. They are planning their autumn wedding at Kahua Ranch on the Big Island, blending Chessa’s island home with Jake’s upcountry upbringing. I've heard Kahua is breathtaking and it will be the perfect setting for this stunning couple.