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  • Faraway Friday | Goreme Open Air Museum | Cappadocia, Turkey

    I've been wanting to start a "Faraway Friday" blog series for a while now, because there aren't enough alliterative day of the week names yet. But really, because I have SO many travel photos that I haven't even looked at, and I need a reason - no, a deadline - to go through them.

    I went through my Goreme Open Air Museum photos a couple months ago when I was stuck at a coffee shop waiting for new tires required for my safety check after I waited in line at satellite city hall to renew my car registration only to find out that it was already renewed. Long run-on sentence short, I didn't want to do work. So I looked at old travel photos. It was fun.

    This morning, at 1 am when I was replying to emails, I looked at the date and thought, this is around the time we were in Cappadocia. I scrolled back through my calendar and today is the exact day that we got dropped off at the museum and walked back to our badass cave house hotel. It's been a YEAR. Forget Istanbul, that was a month ago. Sometimes it feels like our two-month adventure was a long time ago and sometimes, like right now, it feels like we got back last month.

    So, I'm starting today. Just don't call me out if I don't post one next Friday or the Friday after that. I have a lot of work to edit. :)

    I hope you enjoy these photos. I tried to pare them down because I know it's a lot of caves. That's basically what Cappadocia is - lots of really cool caves. You can read more about the Goreme Open Air Museum - it's really interesting but I don't feel like writing about it because I'd probably take all of my information from this link anyway since it's been a YEAR and I forgot most of the details by now. And because I want to write less and just post photos, but I suppose I'm doing a poor job of that right now.

    Happy Faraway Friday!

    For more photos of Cappadocia: sunrise hot air ballon ride