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  • Post-Wedding Beach Shoot | Diamond Head, Hawaii

    We did this beach shoot after Val and David's amazingly fun wedding while I was still riding a celebration high. They only had a few busy post-wedding days before they returned to California, but we managed to meet up for 30 minutes of sunlight on their last day home.

    I recently saw their stunning wedding photos taken by the talented James Moes (whom they flew in from Seattle) and it brought the whole day back...smiles, laughs, tears, shots. ;) And a whole lotta love. Their whimsical fairytale wedding was coordinated by L-4-Love, and no detail was overlooked.

    As a bridesmaid, I took a bunch of getting ready and pre-ceremony photos, but I have little documentation of the reception because I was having TOO MUCH FUN.

    Val and David, thanks for being awesome and getting married and making each other even more awesome. And thanks for being ridiculously good looking, too. Love and hugs forever.