• Aly + Austin | Oahu Forest | Hawaii Engagement Photography

    I've been busy just trying to keep up with shooting and editing and haven't posted in over 4 months, my longest break ever. I also stopped writing about weddings and shoots and decided to post photos only, purely for the sake of keeping up with my workflow.

    I'm making an exception for a very special couple. I've been putting off this post because I really don't know what to say. I get extremely emotional talking about Aly and Austin, whom I got to know last June when we met for coffee and later that month we had so much fun while shooting their engagement photos. They are both teachers (I love educators, my mom was one) and the sweetest, most adorable couple who are clearly so in love.

    I'd love to simply showcase their photos and have their smiles, kisses and laughs tell the whole story, but I know they can use help. Aly has stage 4 stomach cancer, and when we met last year it was "under control" but in the last few months it has gotten much worse. I met with them a couple weeks ago at the hospital to go over timeline details and things were not looking good. I broke down after I left. I was so happy to see Aly looking gorgeous at their rehearsal earlier this week with Austin wheeling her around. She is determined to walk down the aisle with her dad at their wedding tomorrow, and I'm so honored to be there to capture it.

    Learn more about Aly's story (she already beat a different cancer as a child) and donate to her fund here: Kicking Cancer's Butt