• Chubby's Last Kuliouou Summit

    Over the weekend we took Chubby on the Kuliouou Ridge trail. I was clearly hurting more than he was, but I know the stairs at the top are hard on his arthritic paws. He smiled the whole time and I know he'd never stop on his own unless he was physically unable. I got sad thinking about him getting older, but I decided we should stick to more mellow trails so he doesn't hurt himself.

    I wish the state would reopen Mariner's Ridge. That was our favorite mid-length trail because it was the shortest of the ridges leading to the top of the Ko'olau, and also the easiest on his joints. We've tried Hawaii Loa and Wiliwili Nui, but he gets stuck at areas that are too steep and require ropes, and he's too heavy for me to boost. We haven't made it to the end of Wa'ahila or Lanipo because I worry that they are too rough on him as well.

    I took a bunch of phone photos when I realized this would be his last summit. He's in all of them, hiding in some more than others. See if you can spy him. :)


    Shot and edited on my iPhone 5.