• Desert Island Engagement Shoot | Honolulu, Hawaii

    I recommended this location to Adi and Peter because I'd been wanting to do a shoot there and figured I may as well use them, my dear friends, as guinea pigs. :) As we walked on the cracked earth through tall grass, hopping over centipedes (ok, one centipede, but still), Peter reminded me that I had in fact done a photo shoot there. I can't believe I forgot.

    Peter was one of my very first "models." In high school I convinced him and our friend Franklin to wake up crazy early and trek to this exact location for a sunrise photo shoot. With surfboards. Even though there was no surf there. They were great sports and I'm pretty sure I paid them in McDonald's breakfast and large matted prints. I need to find those prints. I remember dodging and burning the hell out of them to get an actual circle of the sun. Hah. Darkroom HDR. Fortunately, my editing style has changed since then. I have such fond memories of hours and hours spent in my high school darkroom.

    Peter reminding me of that shoot made me nostalgic and all of a sudden I was like, holy cow Peter is getting married. We're old.

    I hadn't been to this location in years and I didn't know what to expect. The scenery was even more interesting and varied than I remember, which made for a stunning backdrop. It was African Savanna meets desert island. All the good stuff.

    Adi and Peter were so much fun to shoot. I love shooting friends because it is inevitably hilarious. When I shoot strangers it takes a little while for them to get comfortable with me and eventually they relax and forget that I'm there. That's the goal. When I shoot friends it's a different story because they are very aware that I am there and they are very aware that it's ME telling them to kiss and be lovey dovey so I can document their kissing and lovey dovey-ness. It's always awkward and funny. Then they loosen up, and it's usually even more hilarious.

    Adi looked gorgeous. I liked how Peter kept trying to give her posing advice because he had "so much experience as a child model" (which he repeated several times throughout the shoot), when Adi was clearly the model of the pair. I especially loved Adi's flowy navy dress, perhaps because I know it's her favorite color and one of the colors at their upcoming wedding. I can't wait to celebrate with these two wonderful friends of mine.