• Babies and bubbles and dogs, oh my!

    I walked into Hawaii Camera and asked to see two 85mm portrait lenses. Then I asked which lens would be better for photographing a one-year-old child…and two dogs. Christine laughed and waited for me to say "just joking." She called Josh to the front for advice and to spread the humor. We joked about how they get random questions quite often and they should have an app where you enter an obscure scenario and it tells you what to rent. Its value would be less technical and more “confidence booster” for shoots where photographers feel out of their element. Especially, as in my case, shoots where they’re thinking, “what the hell have you gotten yourself into?”

    I left with the faster focusing lens because Josh pointed out that it would be more ideal for quick-moving babies and dogs. Sage advice, Josh.

    En route to the shoot I had visions of dogs dragging a leash-tangled baby or sitting on her in a bathtub filled with bubbles. (If you can’t tell, our family dogs have a history of disobedience.) I was prepared for disaster, which made the actual experience all the more amazing. This adorable girl and these well-behaved pups were INCREDIBLE. Too cute for words. I couldn't stop laughing while going through the photos because unlike adults that have “smile” or “no smile” expressions (I’m generalizing but you know what I mean), these three had unlimited, adorable, hilarious expressions. In. Every. Frame. I’m so happy I can share some of these gems.

    These three would make a great sales team for Canon lenses. I loved how the shots came out so much that I bought that lens the following day.

    As we left the beach, the star of the photo shoot reached out to me to carry her back to the car. I melted. I’m not ready for babies just yet, but if you can guarantee me one like her… :)